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What you must know before you go to Spain.

First look........then buy!

It’s very important to view the desired properties in Spain. Good support is essential during the viewings so that you don’t end up buying a house based on wrong information, without knowing the surroundings or the Spanish way of working.

That’s why NICLA Property Consultancy offers you an extended service to guide you through the viewings as well as with applying for a mortgage, signing the purchase contract and deeds (escritura) organising possibly desired improvements, etc. All necessary agreements will be made in consultation with you so everything goes according to your wishes. There are, however, a number of matters you must take into account:

New properties:

Bezichtigingen in Spanje

With new properties you must take into account that the plots for individual construction can be sold quickly and that you must react rapidly if you see a suitable plot during the viewings. Moreover, the new properties, on the location you prefer within a project, can also be sold rapidly. As the construction of a project progresses, the prices increase. We do recommend you not to wait too long with a purchase decision when you are very interested in a new property.

Resale properties:

NICLA Property Consultancy also has resale properties in their listing but you must take into account that these can be sold rapidly. When you are very interested in a resale property from our listings we can, in consultation with the owner, reserve this property for you. If you can come to Spain within a short notice to view the property concerned.


We only show you what you would like to see.

The viewing program will be prepared in consultation with you before you come to Spain or in Spain during the first conversation in our office, where we will examine your wishes once again!

Your visit with NICLA

If you are interested in a property from our property listing a personal visit to this property and its surroundings is necessary.


Our brochures with photos give you an impression of the properties, but buying a property is also a matter of feeling so it is very important to see the property as well as the location with your own eyes. A property can be exactly what you are looking for, but is it in the right location with the facilities and amenities you want?

Of course you can visit us whenever you want but we recommend to make an appointment so we have all the time in the world to be of assistance. If you want we can help you book a flight and/or accommodation.

Keep in mind that on the Saturday afternoons and on the Sundays the new built projects are closed and no viewing is possible. You could use the Saturday or the Sunday to travel.

What you must bring along if you go to Spain:

- a valid passport or identification document (drivers license is not permitted);

- your income tax return of the previous year;

- remuneration declarations or proof of other income;

- possible financial obligations (for example loans, mortgages, etc.)

- € 3.000,- for the reservation of the property or advance payment.


When you find the desired Spanish property, it is usual to put down a payment of generally

€ 3.000,- when signing the reservation contract. From this point, the property is reserved for you and you will have enough time to organise the following payments. If you don’t meet your first next payment obligation, the owner is free to cancel the purchase contract without repayment of your reservation costs.

Hypotheek voor uw Spaanse woning


If you need finance for your Spanish house, this finance is generally divided in two parts. The Spanish banks supply a mortgage of up to 70 or 80% of the purchase amount. This means that you must contribute from your own resources or by means of an extra financing up to 20 or 30%. To apply for a mortgage at a Spanish bank, you must submit the following documents: a valid identification document, last remuneration receipts, possible mortgage obligations, employment contract and your income tax return of the previous year.

Cancelation of the viewing appointment:

Time has been planned with the selling part when you have made a viewing appointment. Of course it can occur that you cannot be present on the planned appointment. You have to realise though, that we count on you in Spain and therefore we plan other appointments around your visit.


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